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Roscelyn Tabora
Hired as Executive Assistant
“From day one, I've fostered an exceptional working relationship with my direct employer. The flexibility to work remotely from any corner of the country has provided a perfect work-life balance. Additionally, I am grateful for the competitive salary benefits. My experience within the company has been nothing short of wonderful, and I look forward to many more successful days ahead”
Frankye Escobar
Costa Rica
Hired as a Sales Development Representative
“I applied through Simera and I was challenged to showcase my best skills and talent from the get go. While I was applying 
I was reminding myself how skillful and valuable I can be for the US job market. The process can be a bit long, but it's so structured for you to follow the guidelines and create an eye-catching valuable piece of information about you so that US employers can know whether you would be a good fit or not. 
I would recommend anyone to take the time and create a profile at Simera that stands out from the crowd showing your hard earned skills and expertise. Your next dream job is right after a few clicks and recordings”
Nicadia Dyke
Hired as an Accounting Clerk
“Simera has been a dream come true! The user-friendly platform made starting a breeze. The entire Simera Team, without exception, has been incredibly kind and welcoming. 
I was given interview prep and overall support throughout the selection process. Being hired through Simera has truly transformed my life, showcasing boundless possibilities. 
In just a month, I've gained extensive knowledge, making this the best career decision I've ever made”
José Andrés Jarquin
Hired as a Data Specialist
“Studying and working simultaneously seemed complicated and it was hard to believe that I could excel in both areas. That perspective changed when I joined Simera. This was a pivotal experience: I had the opportunity to work with a fantastic family and in an environment that I am truly grateful for. Initially, 
I believed securing a remote job was impossible, but I came to realize that the only goal you can't accomplish is the one you don't pursue. All you need to do is take the first step”
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need to upload my information in English?
Simera has all kinds of remote positions. Generally, there are more remote work opportunities if you are proficient in English, but you can always create your profile to have access to potential opportunities
How will I be notified about my process?
As we work closely with the candidates during this process, the official communications from our Talent Advisors are via email or WhatsApp
How long is the process?
The usual process can be 7-15 days long, but, it may vary depending on each client revision process. If you are not contacted soon, we recommend updating your profile regularly as new positions are added every day. Remember that you are competing with hundreds of thousands of other candidates, so you may not always be selected for an interview
Can I apply if I don’t have any college degree?
Yes, Simera connects with a wide variety of remote job positions, ranging from those requiring very little experience to those needing advanced experience
Do I need to apply to each job separately?
No, The way Simera works is that you create your profile, and upon completing it, the platform will start connecting you with remote positions that match your experience. If you stand out, your profile can match the requirements of companies. It is at that point that you will be contacted for an interview to get hired internationally